Who Else Wants A Copy Of The Program I Used To Hit a 40-lb Deadlift PR, Increase My Vertical Jump, AND Slap Half An INCH On My Arms... In FOUR WEEKS?


  • A comprehensive 4-week program that WILL make you stronger, faster, and more explosive, in about an hour, three sessions per week.
  • A guide to soft-tissue therapy that will help you SURVIVE this program, improve your flexibilty, and increase your explosiveness.
  • A complete warm-up that will keep you injury-free and MAXIMIZE your power.
  • My “Real World” take on the pre and post-workout nutrition!
  • My “secret tricks” that will teach you to take advantage of the STRENGTH you build and translate it to POWER.
  • A selection of “Finisher” workouts that will keep you LEAN and in peak condition.
  • A complete exercise index with pictures so you’ll know exactly how to perform each exercise with NO CONFUSION.

Just in case you’ve got any questions, I want to clear up who this program ISN’T for:

  • Any whiners, complainers, and half-assers.  If you’re not willing to work hard… this isn’t for you.
  • Curl and Pump Jockeys who are afraid of heavy, compound movements.  You need to train strong to be strong!
  • Those who have no commitment to a program.  If you’re a program jumper who can’t stick with something for FOUR SHORT WEEKS then this isn’t right for you

Ok, so who IS The Grizzly Strength Program For?:

  • Those who are willing to work hard to get stronger.
  • Those who will check their ego at the door, explore new options, and do the right things to improve.
  • Those who aren’t afraid to get a little scary and open up to The Animal Side when it comes to training!
“”When I first got this plan I thought “F-you Isaac”, my second thought was far more vulgar. From the second I saw it I knew that this plan was something special, and I knew that it would tear me up, which is exactly what I wanted, and exactly what It did.

I couldn’t get behind the plans I was writing for myself (I am a strength and conditioning specialist with my own gym), and my gains had hit a brick wall. I knew that Isaac was a clever and sadistic bastard, and man did he deliver. GRIZZLY lives up to its namesake, the plan is rough, raw, and brutal. It pushed me hard. The plan is smart as well; I recovered well, never felt burned out, and just kept pushing more weight every week.

I am Stronger and more explosive than ever before. I have also gained about 10lbs of muscle, and can now easily do 25 pullups at the drop of a hat. If you want a bullshit-free training program that will accelerate your strength and athleticism you have it right here.””

Trevor Lea-Smith, Owner, Strength and Conditioning, Sandnes, Norway
“Ok, that’s it!  I’m in!  Just tell me where do I sign up and how much does it cost?”

Ok, well, I normally charge at least $147 per month for a custom program online, and to work with me in person is far more expensive than that. However, I want more people to get out of their BS programs that aren’t delivering results and get on one that will make them BIG, STRONG, FAST, and FEROCIOUS.

So in light of that, I’m going to promo this at $9.97, at least for the first 100 buyers.  After that I will have to think very seriously about raising the price (just being honest here).

So for less than you’ll pay for a meal out, and WAY less than you’ll pay for your monthly gym membership you’ll be holding a program that will stop wasting your time and start getting you RESULTS!

You’re Protected By My Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t find the The GRIZZLY Program to be an effective resource for starting and developing your fitness program, then I don’t want you to pay for it. Period.

Get your copy today. Read every last word. Apply the information and use the program over the next 60 full days. You’ll be stronger, fitter, and feel better or I’ll give you your money back – guaranteed!

Simply send me an email and I’ll gladly refund your money. And you can keep the free bonuses as my gift to you.

The GRIZZLY Program will help you improve your body, no doubt about it. You have nothing to lose. I’ve taken all the risk. Take advantage of my No Risk 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee now.

Here’s how to order and download now…

Take out your credit card now and click on the order link below to order The GRIZZLY Program. You’ll be taken to our secure order page. Once your payment is processed, you’ll be able to download our entire GRIZZLY PROGRAM and start implementing our strategies into your fitness program right away. The entire product package is in digital download format only. That means you pay NO shipping and can use this great information IMMEDIATELY!

Remember, this is a full four-week program for just $9.97, a fraction of what you’d pay for me to create a custom program for you!

PS.  This program has worked day in and day out for my clients.  If you’re ready to do your part, put in the work, and change your body and your life, then don’t wait.  Take action and get started today!

*Note:  The GRIZZLY Program will be delivered to you in Adobe pdf format.  This means that you can start using it RIGHT AWAY!  No physical products will be shipped.  You can open the manuals with Adobe Acrobat, a free program.